Photo: Pia Schacter

On record:

Ajda the Turkish Queen Beautiful Boot Leg - Live at Rick Walker's
Black Fortress of Opium Stratospherical
Black Fortress of Opium Black Fortress of Opium
Turkish Queen cusp
Tony Savarino Guitaring Naked Ear Records
Martin Bisi Son of a Gun EP Contraphonic Records
Martin Bisi Sirens of the Apocalypse Black Freighter Records
Orisha Hello Fever
Tim Mungenast Birth of Monsters
Amber Spyglass Amber Spyglass
Countess Shooting Star Castle von Buhler Records
Twink Supercute Mulatta Records
Abunai! Two Brothers Camera Lucida Records
Joe Turner Between Two Seconds Camera Obscura Records
Various Artists Further Adventures of the Telepathic
Explorers [with Joe Turner] Free City Media
Orgy of Noise noise & toys & ice cream
Various Artists Boyarm Does Devo [with Twink] Boyarm Records
Pony Trouble Independent Film DVD & Soundtrack CD
Ajda the Turkish Queen & Wisteriax Lildiscs Records

Live performances with:

Black Fortress of Opium | Turkish Queen | Orisha | Amber Spyglass | Reverend Glasseye and His Wooden Legs | Cynthia von Buhler | Zizka | Radio Pü | Neovoxer | John Kiefer | Defenestration Unit | Sky Saw | Opium Den | Reflecting Skin | Jonny Pape/License | Wisteriax | Joe Turner & the Seven Levels | Orgy of Noise | Narcoterror | Abunai! | Martin Bisi | Tony Savarino & the Satanic Lounge Syndicate | Heterotopia