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Since 2009, Ajda has offered voice lessons in a downtown Boston studio (and now on Skype, as well), working with singers young and mature on contemporary styles, improving overall technique, strengthening one's entire range, and learning about vocal health and the mechanics of singing.  She specializes in teaching adult beginners, and her lessons are appropriate for anyone looking to explore, develop and build the voice, or to create a stronger and more dynamic image.  In 1999, Ajda graduated Summa Cum Laude from the world-renowned contemporary music school Berklee College of Music.  Not just an academic, Ajda's real-world experience includes over 20 years of live performance as a vocalist (both lead and backing vocals) and multi-instrumentalist musician (guitar, mandolin, keys, flute) in bands and ensembles of varying styles, such as indie/experimental rock, gospel, Americana, goth, jazz, metal, hard rock, and cabaret.  In addition, she is a seasoned recording artist, as evidenced in her discography.  Ajda is an original songwriter and a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers, and is a 7-time winner of their ASCAPLUS musical achievement award.  

To augment the knowledge gleaned from years of her own personal experience and an excellent formal music education, Ajda incorporates techniques from great voice teachers such as Elisabeth Howard, David Sabella-Mills, Roger Love, David Blair McClosky, and more.  She continually seeks deeper knowledge and understanding of all things voice through reading books and attending local and national voice conferences, web chats, and seminars offered by leading voice authorities and organizations.  In 2010, she received a certificate of completion from the McClosky Institute for Voice for their "Enhancement of the Healthy Voice, Empowerment for the Troubled Voice” seminar.  Ajda is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) and the New York Singing Teachers' Association (NYSTA), by whom she was awarded the 2014 Janet Pranschke Professional Development Program scholarship towards the completion of a "Distinguished Voice Professional" certificate. 

In her own community, Ajda was a part of the first ever Girls Rock Camp Boston in 2010, where she served as a vocal instructor and band coach for girls ages 8-16.  In 2011, she instructed voice for the organization's sister program Ladies Rock Camp Boston, where she also served as a band coach for adult beginners. 

Voicewise, 2016 has seen Ajda complete the coursework for her NYSTA "Distinguished Voice Professional" certificate.  This summer she will attend the NATS national conference in Chicago, and she is very excited to be a voice teacher for kids ages 11-17 for Camp Jam in Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C.

A note from Ajda...
"I love teaching voice!  Knowledge is power, and together we will improve your existing vocal technique and increase your confidence.  I will help you learn how to quickly warm-up your voice, physiology of the vocal instrument, phrasing, rhythm, enunciation/articulation, breathing techniques, basic musical concepts, songwriting, the art of creating lead sheets & much, much more.  You will be able to move people when you sing songs you love, expressing yourself in front of friends and strangers."

Lessons are taught at Studio 44 of the Steinert Building, in the heart of Boston's Theatre District, and across from Boston Common.  It is conveniently located near the Boylston St stop on the Green Line, and has lovely Mason & Hamlin piano.  

Please email ajda@ajdatheturkishqueen to schedule a lesson.  Students are accepted on an ongoing basis!

"I came to Ajda as a beginning voice student, and I am consistently impressed with her dedication to teaching and her teaching style.  Every week, she has typed a specific, thoughtful lesson plan for my needs and interests, replete with information about the anatomy of the voice, the science of using the voice as an instrument, and exercises to improve my skill.  She also focuses on the artistic aspect during lessons, and has taught me a great deal about how one approaches a song.  Her experiences at the Berklee College of Music and performing in her band have served me well, as she has been able to pass along the technical theory as well as knowledge about performing.  Ajda is personable, professional, and fun.  Her genuine love and appreciation for music have motivated me to practice and become a better singer."  - Erin Walker

"Well, I wasn't sure what to expect, but after one lesson, I can say without reservation that, if you're looking for a voice teacher, Ajda Snyder is one hell of a good place to start. A fountain of knowledge, that one." - Rishava Green, Vocalist for The Lights Out

"I had a good voice but no idea how to get control over it. Ajda helped me immensely in getting control over my voice and breathing, relaxation, exercises...I loved going to her lessons because I was so stressed when I went in and completely relaxed when I left! She is that perfect combination of a classically trained musician who also is in the local rock/pop scene. No matter what your level of proficiency is, she can help you to the next level. Ajda puts a lot of work into creating individual lessons for each person/lesson. I highly recommend her as a vocal instructor!" - Kim Ackland, Vocalist for The Black Souls

“To learn how to sing and to improve my voice was something on my bucket list.  I literally had no experience, and I turned to Ajda to teach me the basics such as scales, runs, breathing techniques, etc.. She has great ability to teach a beginner like myself.  Her patient demeanor and ability to inspire one are so valuable, she’s simply an excellent teacher and I would recommend her to anyone.” - Denise Thayer

"Ajda is not only a powerful vocalist but also is a voice teacher of note." - Andrew Wilson, Boston Band Crush

"ATTENTION musicians, actors, singers, linguistic artists, motivational speakers, chatty cathys, casual merrymakers: preserve those precious pipes! Check out Ajda, my talented and fantastic voice teacher and try out a lesson (or a dozen). Each of her lessons are worth every (totally affordable) penny." - Tara Purasson

"I found out about Ajda's vocal training lessons through a mutual friend and simply couldn't be happier about it. My vocal prowess has improved exponentially under Ajda's tutelage over the past year. Thanks to her instruction, I have better vocal tone, greater control, and a better understanding of proper technique. Her thoughtful, professional, and fun lessons are worth every penny and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who wants to become a stronger vocalist."
- Mark Zero,
Vocalist for zeroNegative

And as mentioned on CBS Boston's Guide to Music Lessons and Secret Boston blog!

Ajda would like to thank Kathy McDougald, her piano teacher, who has been a huge support and an inspiration, as well as recording engineer Danny Gold and Futura Productions owner John Weston, who encouraged her to jump in and start teaching music.

Ajda at the piano in Studio 44 photo © 2010 Karen Zanes  Ajda at Studio 44 photo © 2010 Karen Zanes
Photos: Karen Zanes

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